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The Lewa Standard

The Lewa Standard is Lewa’s ETHOS, which establishes a set of guiding PRINCIPLES under which the management and stakeholders of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy will be directed in perpetuity. 

The success of the Conservancy is largely thankful to this specially selected criteria to which Lewa upholds both our own operations and those of our partners. In order to ensure excellent environmental standards and a high quality tourism product, the Lewa Standard dictates the regulation and management of aspects ranging from finances and enterprises within the Conservancy; interpersonal conduct; security and research procedures; the structural and aesthetic design of buildings; to resources such as land, water and energy use, as well as waste management.

By creating a tool such as the Lewa Standard, we have been able to maintain pristine, peaceful, and healthy environment for both the animals that make Lewa their home and the guests who visit.  

Click here to download the Lewa Standard.

NOTE: The Lewa Standard should be read in conjunction with the Lewa Code of Conduct.