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Logistical Support

Critical for the smooth running of Lewa Community Projects, the logistics department provide essential support not only to all departments within the Conservancy but also to surrounding communities and to the NRT. A brief overview of the departments achievements are summarized below.

Education, Water & Healthcare Projects - Logistics Offer Vital Support

Within 2008 a number of donor funded projects were successfully completed. A 100,000 litre water tank, a stand for a 10,000 litre plastic tank and pipeline at Kanyunga School were constructed with funding from TUSK Trust. Stores upgrade funded by Linda Wallace Gray was completed; the creation of ample space to store items has made receiving and issuing of items in the stores much easier and more efficient.

At Ntugi Secondary School the headmasters office was constructed and a 10,000 litre water tank erected. Changes were also made to the laboratory including installing a gas line to enable students to undertake experiments. This was all complete by November when the students sat for the national exam, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

Through the marathon funds received in 2008, 230 desks were made for the Lewa Education Programme and Lewa Nursery School. A few members of the Leparua community were trained on carpentry.

The logistics department was called upon to consult on a few Lewa Education projects. These include Enaikishomi School borehole and pipeline, Karimba headmaster’s house, Subuiga School toilets, Munanda classrooms, Sanga toilets and Kanyunga classrooms and library.

This is just a snap shot of the work organised and executed by the Lewa Logistics Department and it continues to provide the conservancy with the support it requires.