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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy wishes to thank the following photographers who have kindly donated their work to enhance the look of our website. Their generosity allowed us to portrait the work we do with images:

Hetal “Teeku” Patel

Teeku is one of Kenya’s homegrown photographic talents. Teeku spent a great deal of his early years on safari, exploring and camping in the game parks and reserves of East Africa under the expert tutelage of his father, an Honorary Game Warden. This is where he learnt a great deal about wildlife and the different cultures and customs of East Africa. Specializing in conservation photography, Teeku is a regular contributor to wildlife and nature magazines. Many of his images have been commissioned by wildlife conservation trusts. Teeku has generously made some of his photographs available to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. More of his images may be viewed at . He can be contacted at

Suzi Eszterhas

California-based wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas spends nine months of the year shooting a wide variety of wildlife in the field. In recent years, she has specialized in documenting family life and has become well known for her unprecedented work with newborn animals. Although Suzi works primarily in Africa, she has undertaken commissions and led instructional photography tours and workshops everywhere from Antarctica and the Arctic to Alaska and Montana.

Her photographs have been published in books, magazines and newspapers all over the world, including Smithsonian, Audubon, Ranger Rick, BBC Wildlife, GEO, Scientific American, National Geographic Kids, and Your Big Backyard. Most recently, her iconic picture of an Adelie penguin was featured on the front cover of Time Magazine. A Fellow of the International League of

Conservation Photographers, she has won an award in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition and most recently from Ranger Rick Magazine as the 2008 Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
Please visit for more information.

Daryl & Sharna Balfour

Daryl Balfour is today regarded as one of Africa's leading wildlife photographers and authors, with numerous best-selling coffee-table books to his credit, including Simply Safari (Abbeville Publishers, 2001) and African Elephants - A Celebration of Majesty (Abbeville Publishers, 1997), among others. With his wife Sharna he has contributed, as principal photographer, to many other major books, including The Spectacular World of Wildlife (Reader's Digest) and Wildest Africa (New Holland), while his work is represented by many of the world's leading photo agencies and libraries and has been published in publications such as National Geographic, International Wildlife, Outside, BBC Wildlife, GEO, Outdoor Photographer, and Africa Geographic. Daryl & his wife live in Swaziland and South Africa but travel throughout Africa and much of the rest of the world for up to 10 months of each year. Daryl and Sharna have generously made some of their photographs available to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. More of their images may be viewed at They can be contacted at

Paolo Torchio

Born in Turin, Italy, in 1961, Paolo Torchio came to Kenya in 1990, and quickly made the country his home. He has lived and worked in Kenya ever since. His photographs and articles documenting aspects of the region’s animal, bird, and insect life have appeared regulary in Swara, the quarterly magazine of the East African Wild Life Society.Paolo’s work has appeared in a host of other Kenyan wildlife and travel magazines, including Travel News, Kenya Birding, About Kenya, and Twende, as well as in some Illustrious wildlife magazines elsewhere in the world, such as Oasis, in his native Italy.

Paolo’s photography has earned widespread acclaim. In 2006 he was declared Overall Winner of the East African Photographer of the Year Award.
The East African Wild Life Society’s 2007 and 20010 Calendars featured his work exclusively. A grand jury in Tokyo, Japan, has selected one of his photograph , among 43.000 entry, for inclusion in the prestigious Nikon Calendar for 2009.
One of his photograph taken in Lewa Conservancy was selected for inclusion in the BBC Wildlife Calendar 2010, and the same photo has been awarded with the third price in the Italian Wildlife Championship 2009.
Paolo Is adamant that photography, through helping to publicize the plight facing some of Africa’s threatened wild species and habitats, has a decisive role to play in securing their long-term conservation. Find out more at

Joseph Sohm

Joseph Sohm is an American history teacher turned photo-historian. Over 30 years, he photographed the 50 states and has published his images more than 50,000 times in such publications as National Geographic, Time, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, as well as on CNN, ABC, PBS and MSNBC. His photograph of President Clinton is featured on the back-cover of his book My Life and in his Presidential Library. Sohm’s images are featured in Frederick J. Ryan’s portrait of Ronald Reagan, The Great Communicator; in Bill Maher’s Real Time; in Al Gore’s Oscar-winning film An Inconvenient Truth; in NBC’s 9/11 memorial, Concert for America; on the “Today Show” and on the cover of John Grisham’s novel King of Torts. His image was chosen for both the covers of Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report for the contested

2000 Presidential Election. The U.S. Department of State displays his work in more than ten embassies worldwide.
C-SPAN’s BOOK TV aired Mr. Sohm’s speech from the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. He has been a keynote speaker at more than 100 colleges, universities and trade associations across America. He and his work have been profiled in Esquire magazine, USA Today, the LA Times, The New York Times, The San Francisco Examiner and at the NEWSEUM Museum in Washington, D.C. Sohm produced the 1993 Presidential Inaugural music-video for MTV, which aired worldwide.
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