The survival of Africa’s wildlife is on the wire: But we still have time to change this course of destruction.
Lewa and its partners in northern Kenya have found a way – and we invite you to be a part of each step we take to create safe, flourishing wild places in partnership with the communities that maintain them. Over the coming months we will offer you ways to make an investment in this future for northern Kenya's wildlife and its people.
This month, we are focusing on elephant in our landscape – more than 30,000 square kilometres of northern Kenya that local communities have dedicated to conservation and is home to more than 6,500 elephant!

Why does this matter?

With elephant numbers declining dramatically, every animal is vital.
Elephant are also a beacon of what is working in a rangeland; their presence indicates availability of resources such as forage and water, as well as adequate security for wildlife to survive.

In isolation, a conservancy cannot sustain wildlife.
Lewa recognises the importance of promoting landscape connectivity for wildlife far beyond its borders. The Conservancy is a key player in protecting elephant in northern Kenya by providing security, habitat management support and community programmes.
We are working with our partners to help protect the elephant's rangeland in northern Kenya, much of which is threatened by human development.

Featured topic of the week: How do you help an elephant cross the road?

By building an underpass!

The Mount Kenya Corridor partners, including Lewa, are working to build a second underpass on a busy rural road  to promote human-elephant coexistence.

Human development has led to conflict with the elephant as they move, causing collision and putting both human and elephant lives at risk.

Elephant traverse dangerous roads in search of food, water, minerals and mates. These roads often lie along their traditional migration routes. Elephant have excellent memory and have used these migration routes for generations. This will make it easy for them to find the underpass once constructed.

These pictures below illustrate how an underpass works - both humans and elephant are able to move to and fro simultaneously, and most importantly, safely.

Donate to this campaign and Lewa along with its partners will build the underpass. We will do all the work and for your legacy, once complete we will take photos of the animals while using the underpass and send them to you. This way, you are able to make a direct investment into the future of elephant in northern Kenya!

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For the rest of the world - please email Ruwaydah.Abdul@lewa.org.