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News on Lewa


In the past few months, our Community Development Team has distributed energy-saving cooking stoves to 1,000 women from neighbouring communities.  90% of Kenyan rural households use biomass fuel such as firewood and charcoal for cooking, a prime cause of deforestation and environmental degradation. Additionally,... more


Predator and prey dynamics continue to impact rare species, and on Lewa, the Grevy's zebra remains the most affected.  A few weeks ago, our mobile Kenya Wildlife Service vet Dr Matthew Mutinda and his team received a report of an injured Grevy's zebra stallion. Despite surviving the predator... more


Earlier in the year, we hosted a team from Longleat, the UK's oldest safari park and one of our supporters via partners Tusk Trust. For the visiting Longleat keepers, the experience of seeing the species they care for in the wild was life-changing.  If you live in the UK, you can now watch the episodes of the... more


San Diego Zoo Global is honoring the work of one of the most prominent conservationists in Africa, Ian Craig, for his lifelong dedication to the fight against extinction. During a ceremony on Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017 with San Diego Zoo Global staff and close to 600 members and donors, Ian Craig was presented with the San... more


We are thrilled to announce that Lewa has won the Responsible Business Conduct Award at the inaugural Employer of the Year Awards (EYA) held in Nairobi last week. The judging panel selected Lewa for demonstrating a strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility by creating sustainable development impacting the... more


On the 24th of June, long after the winning runners have been awarded their gold, silver and bronze medals, there will be a separate set of winners; the numerous community and conservation programmes that will receive yet another year of funding thanks to Tusk’s annual Safaricom Marathon on Lewa.   Aptly themed... more


On the 17th of March 2017, we hosted the UK’s Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Boris Johnson. Rt Hon Boris Johnson met with the Lewa and Northern Rangelands Trust teams to discuss community conservation and its impact across the northern Kenya landscape. He also met with our Anti-Poaching... more


In February, Lewa’s own Faith Riunga (Head of Education) and John Kinoti (Head of Community Development) were the keynote speakers at the Royal Geographical Society in London. Faith and John spoke to an audience of about 300 on Lewa's model of community-centric conservation, and how this is benefiting both people and... more


In the wake of catastrophic declines of vulture populations across Africa, The Peregrine Fund partnered with Lewa, Northern Rangelands Trust, and Marwell Wildlife to monitor and protect critical breeding sites in northern Kenya. What vultures lack in looks they make up for in services. The epitome of a good... more


Colleagues at Ewaso Lions in northern Kenya have reported that a young male lion that was last seen in November 2013 in Samburu has been sighted here at Lewa. Lewa, with partners Marwell Wildlife, have been working closely to establish strong monitoring tools for large carnivore conservation on the conservancy and its... more


About a month ago, our resident Kenya Wildlife Service vet, Dr Mathew Mutinda, received an urgent call. Two female elephant calves, approximately five and two years of age, were spotted abandoned around the lava flows of Shaba in northern Kenya. The calves seemed disoriented and dehydrated, and it was later revealed that... more


On the 17th of November, photographer KT Merry hosted a gallery show in NYC for the benefit of the work that we do here on Lewa. The gallery featured stunning images of Lewa's wildlife and landscapes - a huge thank you to all who attended. There are still first edition photos of some of our majestic Lewa wildlife... more


We are so excited to announce that you can now watch the Kenya Wildlife Diaries, filmed here on Lewa-Borana and the Northern Rangelands Trust community conservancies, on what our day to day life as conservationists entails. From protecting rhinos and elephants, moving them to new sanctuaries and caring for orphaned... more


Solio, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy’s oldest rhino, has died at age 42; surpassing the average wild black rhino lifespan of 30-35 years.  Nicknamed the ‘grand old lady’ of Lewa, the critically endangered black rhino was one of the Conservancy’s first rhinos, part of the 14 that formed Lewa’s pioneering population.... more


"By engaging the youth, we are shaping the future." John Kinoti, Lewa's Community Development Manager. One of Lewa's key development objectives is to engage young people from the neighbouring communities, recognising that their understanding of conservation imperatives is key in securing a future for... more


The Northern Rangelands Trust's Chief Programmes Officer Tom Lalampaa has got another accolade to add to his list. Tom has just been awarded the Bright Award for Environmental Sustainability from Stanford University, USA.  The Bright Award was created by a gift from Raymond E. Bright in 2007 on... more


On the 30th and 31st of January this year, citizens, scientists and conservationists came together to count and collect photographic data on the world's rarest zebra, the Grevy's, a species that almost exclusively is now found in the Laikipia-northern Kenya ecosystem.  The Grevy's zebra - easily distinguished by... more


Sarah Watson, Tusk Trust's Director of Programmes, our CEO's wife, a passionate nature lover and an ardent marathoner, recently run one of the world's toughest races to raise funds in support of wildlife rangers. Sarah was joined by Pete Newland, Lewa's Security Consultant, in this wild adventure that saw them run 250 km... more


"A comprehensive vaccination programme is a cornerstone of good public health and will reduce inequities and poverty." World Health Organization. Providing accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to neighbouring communities continues to be one of Lewa's key priorities. Through the Healthcare Programme... more


Lewa's most anticipated annual event, the Safaricom Marathon organised in conjunction with Tusk Trust, took place last weekend with 1,256 people running the half marathon, while a few, 148, braved the full marathon. 183 children took part in the 5km children's race, and over 5,000 spectators came to cheer on the... more


Northern Kenya’s Ian Craig was awarded a prestigious Order of the British Empire last week by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for services to conservation and security to communities in Kenya. The Queen’s Birthday Honours list was published on 10th June 2016, on the occasion of Her Majesty’s official 90th birthday, and... more


Every day, rangers, incredibly brave men and women, do what we cannot for our wildlife.They put their lives on the line, spend long hours working in tough conditions away from their families and friends. They are heroes to wildlife and the communities that share their land with them. And now, an equally brave team of... more


Maxo, Zack and Jack will be ready for their journey from Wales to Lewa to join our anti-poaching team that helps protect endangered wildlife and our neighbouring communities. The two Belgian Malinois and single Dutch Herder are finishing up months of intensive training in Bridgend. They have been trained by Simon... more


The boys brought new zeal and excitement into this year's tournament. The most exciting event in the sports calendar for Lewa-sponsored schools took place on the 12th of February, here on the Conservancy. 169 pupils from 13 schools in the neighbouring communities turned the Lewa football pitch into a flurry of... more