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News on Lewa


The Conservation Education Center received a remarkable gift from Camille Wekesa who painted a wonderful mural on one of its inside walls. The mural is not only a beautiful work of art but also serves to deliver a memorable visual conservation message for the children who visit the center to learn more about the importance... more


Mawingo is well-known on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. She is a partially blind 22-year old female black rhino. As a result of her blindness, whenever she gives birth, she ends up losing her calves. Her first one was eaten by hyenas and the second was devoured by a leopard. Her latest calf, Charlie, died as a result of a... more


A jigger is a tiny sand flea that feeds by burrowing into the skin of its host, mostly humans. It is very unfortunate that many rural dwellers in Kenya suffer the inability to walk easily due to pain in the affected areas of their legs and cannot carry out normal day to day activities, are subjected to stigmatization by... more


In mid July, an elephant was spotted by a herdsman in a community grazing land neighbouring Lewa. She had a spear lodged in her head. The concerned herdsman reported it to the Lewa rangers and the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Vet based in Lewa was quickly mobilised to the elephant’s location. She was accompanied... more


The Lewa Wildlife and Security departments set out to ear notch black and white rhinos in June. Ear notching is essential in rhino monitoring primarily for their safety as it ensures that the rangers accurately identify and report on rhino sightings on a daily basis. For research, it is most critical for accurate data... more


Robert Bateman, a regular and generous contributor to Lewa each year, is considered to be the leading wildlife artist in America and has donated a marvellous painting titled “Cheetah at Lewa Downs” which will be auctioned to raise funds in support of Lewa. more