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News on Lewa


Conservation Education Center Receives a Boost From Upper Canada College Students Kids Against Poverty raised funds to construct the Conservation Education Centre (CEC) that consists of three rooms where students will come in for interactive lessons in addition to a game drive around the Conservancy thereby providing a... more


FROM OX CART TO E-MAIL- The Kenya Story of Delia Craig by Natasha Breed Today a thriving wildlife sanctuary and safari destination, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, in the heart of Kenya, began life almost 100 years ago as a plot of black cotton soil and tangled savannah parcelled out to a British immigrant from South... more


On the 25th of March the Lewa Kenya Board Chairman, Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo, officially opened the newly constructed entrance to Lewa. Jennifer Bahmeier from Denver Zoo was present and Hon.Francis Ole Kaparo gave his vote of thanks on behalf of Lewa. The new Matunda Gate was constructed in order to create some more room... more


Elvis is the most curious and friendly of all the black rhinos on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. His territory lies around the Lewa Headquarters where he makes frequent visits especially when he is thirsty. In the last few years, he has learned how to turn on the taps and drink to his fill. Elvis has an easygoing... more


Last week the oldest of Lewa’s famous “Three Brothers” died after a series of skirmishes with a nearby pride of lions. The veterinary team tried their best to treat this elderly cheetah but after several days he finally succumbed to his wounds. The three brothers are possibly the most famous family of cheetahs in the... more


Dear Friends: The Chairman and Board of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy ("Lewa") are delighted to announce that Mr. Mike Watson has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Lewa effective April 1st,  2011. This follows the completion of a three year contract by Dr. Jonathan Moss, who moves to... more