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News on Lewa


From all of us on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, we wanted to send a sincere note of thanks for all the encouraging emails we received after our announcement last week that we had lost another rhino to poaching. Your messages were overwhelmingly supportive and we appreciate every single one of them. Here are a few of the... more


For the second time in the history of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, we face the difficult task of sharing some devastating news with you. On Saturday, October 30th, in the early hours before dawn, a group of poachers came onto the Conservancy and killed one of our female black rhinos.  Her horns were taken and the... more


For the weather on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to feel similar to that of the Scottish Highlands is pretty unusual, I think you would agree. However, this last rainy season brought high winds, rolling fogs and night-time rainstorms. Evenings on Lewa usually consist of the big cats out stalking their pray and plains... more


When one thinks of the king of the jungle, lions are almost always crowned with the title. Ironically, the immense power they possess often overshadows their fairly poor hunting abilities.  The story is quite similar on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, but of a different cat species; this is the tale of three cheetahs... more


On Saturday, the 26th of June, 1,000 runners from 20 different countries and about 3,000 spectators descended on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy for the 11th Safaricom Marathon. Situated about 260 km from Nairobi, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy offers some of the most beautiful sceneries in Kenya. Mount Kenya lies to the... more


On Friday, March 5th, Tana, the nine year old black rhino who had been shot and injured by armed poachers on December 26, 2009, finally gave up her fight for life and died. Tana had been wounded in the shoulder and a second black rhino, Ntoiye, was fatally shot in that same poaching incident on the Lewa Wildlife... more