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News on Lewa


A couple of weeks ago Seiya went missing for a period of nearly ten days. When we consulted our breeding charts we became suspicious that she may have produced a baby and gone into hiding. We deployed many rangers, found her in a bush - but unapproachable. With the assistance of the Supercub were able to confirm that she... more


 The Safaricom Marathon was run on Lewa on Saturday 23 June. The event broke many records and was a great success. The day was overcast and cool which probably contributed to the fastest time ever by Cyprian Kiogora for the men's race at 2hrs 19mins and 39secs. Irene Mogaka won the women's race for the second time in... more


Mawingo (meaning cloud in Swahili) is a 18 year old black rhino female. She has given birth to a total of six calves in her life at Lewa. She lost her sight in a fight when she was quite young and still lived at Nakuru National Park, and although her lack of sight does not present a problem for her it does reduce her... more


 Recently one of the major wildlife sights on Lewa has been a pride of nine lions – two lioness’ and seven cubs (about a year old). They have be prowling the Conservancy as if they owned the place (they probably do!) and regularly sighted. Their confidence has been improving and so has their proximity to other users... more


On the 18th of April the rain started again. These are our short rains and we look forwards to some green grass. We have changed our booking system for visiting Lewa. So now instead of contacting us directly you contact Kerin at Bushhomes on for booking any of our camps or lodges. For any... more


The orphaned cheetah Toki that spent most of his childhood on Lewa is still thriving at Ol Pejeta. Stephen, his friend, is still with him. Watch the programme 'Toki's tale" to find out more about this remarkable cheetah. The new film Toki's tale is out on Wednesday the 4th of April at 9 pm on BBC 2 and repeated on... more