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News on Lewa


Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service and Ol Pejeta Conservancy has started the largest ever black rhino translocation in Kenya. The intention is to move 34 black rhino in total. A total of four animals will be moved from Ol Jogi reserve and 26 from Solio Ranch into the new conservation... more


The rains, we hope, have finally come to a halt! An average of 522mm was received between October- December 2006 compared to 352mm and 64mm received within the same period in 2004 and 2005 respectively. The big task ahead is in repairing the damage to the roads and water projects. We are happy to report that most of the... more


The implications are that most roads are washed out and impassable and there is absolutely nothing that guests can do at the lodges. In fact, we are not sure for how long our guests will be able to make between Headquarters/Airstrip and the Safari Camp. Therefore we believe it is irresponsible to accept guests under the... more


13 rhino born within Lewa in 2006; no rhino lost to poaching; 640 elephant counted last week in the previously conflict torn but now protected Sera Community Conservation area; all the birds are nesting, wonderful rain across all of Kenya especially on Lewa and the all the Conservancy areas in North Kenya. What better... more


Kenya is experiencing the most extraordinary rain right across the country. Some parts flood simply too much but overall it is just really good for all and will put the water table and vegetation back on its feet again after a year and a half of dry weather. Lewa has had 213 mm in this month so far compared to 45mm in... more


On the 2nd of November the Lewa OPS room got a call from West Gate Conservancy. They had a one month old female baby elephant calf that had been abandoned by its mother. No-one knows why this happened but the calf seems healthy and in good condition. Lewa collected the calf and sent it down to Daphne Sheldrick's elephant... more