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News on Lewa


 Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is celebrating. The short rains started last weekend and yesterday the rangers found two new baby white rhino. Three special gifts in one week! Already we have had 5" (12.5 cm) at Headquarters and 7" (17.5 cm) at Matunda Gate, which is significantly more than we had last... more


On Monday 16 October one of our Rangers, Rajimen Lesakut, reported seeing Ndito, a 16.8 year old black rhino with a new calf. This is great news and brings our number on the Conservancy to 51. Ndito is one of the pioneer female black rhino in Lewa. Up to date she has given birth to four calves, Seiya (7.4 years), Mama C... more


The annual Safaricom Marathon held on Lewa on the 24th of June this year was a huge success! Over $200,000 was raised for the different charities. This money will be distributed as follows this year; Northern Rangeland Trust Community Projects - 25 % Education - 20% Healthcare - 10% Lewa Wildlife Conservancy - 35% Other... more


Very sincere and deserved thanks to everybody involved in both direct and indirect management of rhinos on Lewa. Your concerted efforts and support, this has ensured that black rhino numbers on the Conservancy have hit 50! On 2nd May 2006, a 1-day old calf was sighted ambling behind one of the females, Meluaya, and this... more


The four children who had won the 2005 Lewa Safaricom mini marathon left for London for a five days visit on the 25th April 2006.This was a prize that was awarded to them by Unilever (UK)and British Airways through the British High Commission office in Nairobi. This trip had been organized by the High Commission as part of... more


Over the Easter weekend, Lewa received an unusual report from Ol Pejeta that one of the adult male black rhinos in the Conservancy had severe injuries in his eyes inflicted in a fight with another male the previous week. Due to the injuries, the male named Job, appeared blind and stood minimal chance of surviving in the... more