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News on Lewa


In the last week we have had lost and lots of rain and it looks like it will continue for some time. We all are very relieved about this and we hope that the communities up north will be able to recover quickly from the recent drought. Lewa Kids to London On 21st of April 2006, four children will leave their villages... more


Executive Summary February has been a busy month for Lewa Education Trust. All the lucky beneficiaries joining form one in the bursary program were taken to school with all the requirements of the different schools they were called to. This included the tuition fee, uniform, books, beddings, and the basic needs of each of... more


An outbreak of anthrax 100 km north of Lewa in the Wamba area that began in December 2005 appeared to be disproportionately killing equids and, in particular, Grevy's zebras. Although the situation was being closely monitored and livestock vaccination programs were undertaken in the affected areas, anthrax experts also... more


Half of Kenya has wonderful rain over the past ten days. This is certainly enough to stop livestock dying and to give everyone a sense of hope for the forthcoming rains, normally expected for the middle of March. Lewa itself ahs had two inches of rain and it is looking wonderful and green again. We have now stopped... more


On Sunday, 5th February 2006, Lewa woke up to a frenzy of activity as a joint team involving the Kenya Wildlife Service and the Conservancy personnel was mobilised in an operation that was to culminate in translocation of Stella - a male black rhino to Meru National Park. Stella apparently got the feminine name a few... more


"Next Generation" is a programme, run by the British High Commission in Nairobi, of sporting events and activities, bringing together British and Kenyan sporting excellence, to develop Kenya's young athletes and sports people. "Next Generation" will include showpiece football, hockey and running events,... more