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News on Lewa


Unfortunately our hand-reared oryx, Daisy, was killed last night by lions. Daisy was with her calf that is about six months old at the time of the incident and luckily the lions did not manage to kill the calf. At the moment Daisy's calf is outside our offices grazing happily away. He is certainly big enough to look... more


It is a testament to the progressive and far sighted policies of Ol Pejeta that, whilst dealing with enormous challenges on a daily basis, it makes the time, resources and space available to one rather small, big cat. Admittedly, this is a rather special Big Cat in many ways. Toki the Cheetah is one of two brothers that... more


On 10th of October Mawingo, our 15 year old partially blind black rhino mother gave birth again to a baby boy, a mere 18 months after she calved Tula (as a matter interest the gestation period for a rhino is only 16 months so there must have been a suitor waiting for Tula to be taken away!). As soon as we noticed that... more


Daisy, the orphan oryx, has had a baby! Mother and calf were found yesterday, both in good health. Her male, a one-horned oryx, is not far form her side at all times. We suspect that this is the father Daisy was found alone, abandoned by her mother, on a neighbouring ranch and was brought to Lewa where Clare Moller became... more


Toki News Toki is doing very well. Since he had problems getting on with the other cheetahs here on Lewa it was decided to move him onto a neighbouring farm close to the Lewa boundary. So for the last six months he has lived on Ol Donyo Farm with Stephen, his keeper. He has been hunting on his own but due to lack of prey... more


Kip, from Il Ngwesi went to Greece with Ian, Jane and Alexandra in June. This article featured in a Greece magazine end of June. A special thanks to Miranda Herberstein, Bessie Goess and Gabriella Herberstein for their help and hospitality which we look forward to returning on their next trip to Lewa. A Masai chief's... more