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News on Lewa


The Lewa adult literacy Programme began in September of last year with the main aim of teaching the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy staff who was illiterate to know how read and write. The Programme has extended to the adjacent communities. There are two assistant adult literacy educators whom I conduct the classes with. I... more


Executive Summary November has been a wet month and the rains have continued into December. Lewa is looking greener than ever! The elephants have all moved north and other than the odd case of poaching the conditions have not been bad. We had three rhinos births reported although one unfortunately was probably trampled by... more


On the 23rd of November we got a report about an injured Grevy's zebra male. After lunch the darting team set off to immobilize the animal to treat his wounds. They found him and darted him successfully, but unfortunately he ended up in a crack caused by erosion inside a lugga (dry river bed) where it was impossible to... more


It is now November and we are taking stock whilst the rain falls! We have had over 15 inches of rain so far (we usually see about 10 inches at this time of year) and the Conservancy has turned a verdant green - the change is so dramatic from just three weeks ago. All the elephant (other than the odd straggler) have now... more


On Sunday the 24th October Stephen, Toki's carer, and Toki were out walking. Toki was about 800 meters in front of Stephen when the three cheetah brothers suddenly attacked him. Stephen came to his rescue as soon as he could but by the time he got to the scene the three brothers had already done some serious damage to poor... more


Since Lewa's involvement in April this year in anti poaching patrols inside a Laikipia Rhino Reserve, the severe rhino poaching pre-April 2004 has almost been contained. Initially, rhino's poached were believed to have mainly been snared to death, using thick wire cable on game trails leading to water or to a rhino midden.... more