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News on Lewa


The Lewa clinic has now benefited from the influx of funds and grants received this year. In summary: The staff is now 2 nurses; Agnes Mugo and Rebecca Mwai. Agnes has qualified this year as an Aids councillor. The Laboratory is finished and working really well. Henry Muchiri has been employed as the technician and using... more


It is now a month since Toki nearly lost his life in an attack by the three cheetah brothers on Lewa. He successfully fought off a severe infection and is now regaining his condition. The treatment of his wounds and his antibiotic course were stopped ten days ago. We continued to monitor his temperature and appetite (as... more


On Sunday night at about 6.00pm there was a nasty traffic accident between Archer’s Post and Isiolo involving a vehicle from the Kenya Army. The vehicle over turned with 7 fatalities and over 40 badly injured soldiers. The casualties were transferred to Isiolo hospital overnight and from first light this morning Lewa... more


We have had our 34th white rhino born on the 27th of June. Rinta, the mother, was born on the 3/06/1994. She is the first calf born to Ngororika when she was moved to Lewa from Solio Ranch. Rinta had her first calf at the age of eight years and now her second at the age of ten. Both mother and baby are well but do not... more


The appalling photos that accompany this note were taken o­n 7th June 2004. Poaching by cable snaring reveals the true horrors of what has been taking place o­n a nearby Rhino sanctuary that Lewa is assisting, along with KWS to eradicate this poaching catastrophe. An urgent call came into Lewa that a black rhino, still... more


The May month was pretty busy being almost the half way of the year. Most communities were evaluating what they had achieved in the year 2003/2004. There was a Wildlife Policy Development Workshop held in Mombasa that focused o­n formulation of the Wildlife Policy and review of the Wildlife Act, where all delegates... more