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News on Lewa


4 th May, Black Rhino called Mawingo has given birth again. 6 th May, Mawingo's calf (female) found abandoned and is now being hand reared. 10 th May, White Rhino called Murembo has given birth. 13 th May, total of 61 Rhino o­n Lewa spotted by security in the field. This is the highest number reported in a single... more


500 Burchell's zebra, 400 Impala, 50 Reticulated giraffe moved in a joint Kenya Wildlife Service /Lewa operation from private land in Laikipia (through the good offices of the Laikipia Wildlife Forum) to the National Park at Meru. A first in Kenya 's history with extraordinary long term prospects for wildlife throughout... more


(another 7,000 acres), an extremely important and exciting event has taken place. The old fence is being dropped as we speak. Movement of wildlife into this area has already taken effect, as the recent game census showed, with one herd of zebra on Manyangalo comprising of 187 individuals. Elephant have moved onto this... more


Mawingo, the partially blind black rhino female, gave birth to her fourth calf a few weeks back. She was spotted with the calf and did surprise us. We were not expecting her to calf until later in the year. The rangers kept a very close eye on her for the first few days. Due to the fact that she has problems raising her... more


Sambu, one of the orphan cheetah brothers was killed by a lion a few days ago. It was very sadly ironic that the event occurred on Simon King’s last day on Lewa at the end of what had been a very successful filming series. Toki, the other brother, is fine, but clearly distressed and confused. The day had been a good one,... more


The Rugusu spring has continuously become the icon of community development of the families forming the beneficiary community. Their living standards have improved due to the presence of enough and clean water for domestic activities. In the recent days the spring has improved and enlarged in terms of the water flowing... more