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News on Lewa


Pendua was found on Lewa in March 2002. He was found caught in the old Manyangalo fence line, pinned down by two lions. He was rescued and hand reared. Pendua turned out to be a very independent eland and soon stared to roam freely on Lewa. His favourite occupation for some time was to follow all the Lewa Primary school... more


The Lewa Clinic is in the process of receiving a much needed face lift and expansion. Until recently we have had to send our patients to Meru - a journey of at least a day - just for routine tests. The extension will allow our staff to do the tests here and administer treatment much earlier. We are also taking the... more


20 members from the Losesia Serolipi communities are developing the first airstrip ever in this vast rangeland. Three hundred meters are already done. In the next twenty days, 1,200 meters will be complete! It will now be possible to do aerial surveillance and wildlife monitoring as you refuel from Kauro airstrip.more


In late November, a pitiful sight was beheld: an elephant calf of about 6 weeks, stuck, in one of the series of wells at Sera. The poor little ele had evidently been in there since the previous day and, as we approached the well, it became clear that a lion had been trying to fish him out during the night Belts were... more


Lewa Wildlife Conservancy could not operate successfully without a huge back-up support of planes, machinery, radios, mechanics and dogs. As well as the two-seater Super Cub, used for surveillance and security, there is one more fixed-wing aircraft, and a host of trucks. Plus, of course, a yard full of maintenance and... more


Early one morning in January we got a call from the Save the Elephant headquarters in Samburu Park. They had just spotted one of their elephant with a snare around its leg. The Lewa Team took off immediately and within an hour we were on the site looking for the elephant. It was not very hard to find because the wound... more