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Injured Grevy's Zebra Recovers

August 31, 2017

Predator and prey dynamics continue to impact rare species, and on Lewa, the Grevy's zebra remains the most affected. 

A few weeks ago, our mobile Kenya Wildlife Service vet Dr Matthew Mutinda and his team received a report of an injured Grevy's zebra stallion. Despite surviving the predator attack, the encounter left the stallion with a large wound which would have caused a threat to its life if left unattended. 

Dr Mutinda treated the zebra which dominates a large territory on the Lewa-Borana landscape. He explains:
"It is important to ensure that adults like this stallion survive. They are vital members of their species, are a source of a strong gene pool, and obviously help to increase this endangered zebra's population by breeding."

Click on the link below to watch the treatment video:

This treatment was also featured on National Geographic, which you can view HERE. 

A few days ago, Dr Mutinda and his team made another trip to assess the condition of the stallion. It was encouraging to observe that his health had improved and the wound was healing. The team treated the zebra once more, and Dr Mutinda is confident that he'll make a full recovery. 

Dr Mutinda and his team look on as the stallion walks away after the second treatment. The vet is confident that the Grevy's zebra will make a full recovery.