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Running to Win: Meet 22-Year-Old Bindya

March 21, 2017

On the 24th of June, long after the winning runners have been awarded their gold, silver and bronze medals, there will be a separate set of winners; the numerous community and conservation programmes that will receive yet another year of funding thanks to Tusk’s annual Safaricom Marathon on Lewa.  

Aptly themed #YouRunIWin, this year’s event will mark 18 years of conservation and community impact totaling $6,1000,000 invested into over 30 Kenya-wide conservation projects and award-winning community development and conservation programmes that reach out to hundreds of thousands each year.

In kicking off, we highlight the story of an impressive young lady who embodies the passion, loyalty and support that continue to make the Safaricom Marathon such a -success each year.  22-year old Bindya Parbat is an avid runner and hiker and in exactly 96 days, alongside 1000+ other runners, she will be taking on our marathon with the hopes of working towards her dream of an ideal Kenya. 

Bindya dreams of a Kenya in which education, food water and healthcare are available to all- and in which wildlife can roam freely in the vast beautiful landscapes without the threat of poaching. 

“This June I shall be running the Lewa Marathon with thousands others in the hope to take a few thousand steps toward making this dream come true and I am asking for your support. Kindly spare that one beer this week, or that one takeout or that extra pair of shoes or clothing, and help me raise funds in support of the community and conservation programmes.”

To take her first step towards this dream- Bindya is raising funds for the Safaricom Marathon- you can donate to her fundraiser HERE.