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Two Elephant Calves Rescued

December 15, 2016

About a month ago, our resident Kenya Wildlife Service vet, Dr Mathew Mutinda, received an urgent call. Two female elephant calves, approximately five and two years of age, were spotted abandoned around the lava flows of Shaba in northern Kenya. The calves seemed disoriented and dehydrated, and it was later revealed that their mother had been shot at an area known as Turbo, close to Shaba National Reserve, during a case of human-elephant conflict. Her death left the two young elephants orphaned.

The two elephants were left orphaned after their mother was shot during a case of human-elephant conflict.

The rescue mission was carried out in conjunction with partners 51 Degrees, Save The Elephants, Kenya Wildlife Service, the Northern Rangelands Trust and helicopter help from Tropic Air Kenya. The older calf was steered back to its herd. However, the younger elephant, now named Shaba, was too young to be able to survive in the wild, and she was flown to the newly-opened Reteti Orphanage where she will be nurtured until she is able to care for herself. 

The younger elephant was flown to the new elephant orphanage with a helicopter.

Reports from the orphanage indicate that Shaba is doing well, and with time, will eventually be reintroduced to the wilds of northern Kenya.