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Munanda School - A Shining Success

August 05, 2014

Lewa has sponsored Munanda School, a government run primary school in one of the Conservancy's neighbouring communities, for the past 11 years. Located in the North-Eastern part of Lewa, the school is one of the Education Programme's greatest success, evident in its transformation from a run down institution to one of the best primary schools in the region.   

Support to Munanda School Over the Years

Infrastructural Development 

Lewa has financed construction of most classrooms in the school, creating a conducive learning environment for the children. The increase in the number of classrooms has also made it possible for the school to enrol more pupils. 

"Since the construction of the new classrooms, the school has been able to admit slightly over 40% more students than before," Munanda's headteacher explains. 

Bursaries for Students

Through Lewa's bursary programme, over 30 of the best performing students from Munanda have received sponsorship for their high school and tertiary education. Lewa's bursary programme supports children from financially challenged backgrounds who otherwise would have no access to educational opportunities. 

School Feeding Programme 

Traditionally, Lewa has supplied its sponsored schools with maize and beans that serve as lunch to the students. However, to make the feeding programme sustainable, the Conservancy is helping the schools produce their own food by establishing 'shambas' or gardens in their compounds. Additionally, drip irrigation is being practised in the schools, with Lewa providing infrastructural support. 

Munanda's 'shamba' is flourishing and the school is on the path to producing its own food, promoting self reliance. 

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