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From the UAE to Lewa: A New Conservation Partnership with Al Ain Zoo

April 25, 2014

Lewa has entered into partnership with Al Ain Zoo, a leading organisation in arid wildlife and conservation efforts. Al Ain is home to internationally important conservation programmes and is involved in areas such as in captive management, conservation research, captive breeding, propagation, and the reintroduction of endangered species in to the wild whenever possible.

With the zoo’s support, Lewa has been able to expand and improve its critical endangered species projects by employing and equipping dedicated project coordinators -  a Rhino Scientist, Ungulates Officer and a Predator Officer.

Alongside Lewa, the Zoo recently established another partnership with the Sahara Conservation Fund. 

Muna al Dhaheri, Chief of Conservation and Education at Al Ain Zoo said:

“Al Ain Zoo is dedicated to the conservation of arid land wildlife. Due to the high number of endangered African species found in the zoo the Sahara Conservation Fund and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy are valuable partners for us. Working with them allows us to complement the already successful breeding programmes we have in the zoo with the conservation of endangered species in the wild, a key objective for all modern zoos. We also have regional partnerships and are developing programmes for native species such as the Arabian sand cat.”

Geoffrey Chege, Chief Conservation Officer of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy said: 

"The partnership between Lewa and Al Ain Zoo presents both organisations with an excellent opportunity to further our understanding of key endangered species including the black rhino, Grevy's zebra, lion and elephant. The knowledge gained will be extremely crucial in informing management decisions in a timely manner."