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A Heartwarming Friendship in the Wild

April 03, 2014

Did you know that rhinos can have best friends? Meet Rosie and Murembo's Calf (MC), two female sub-adult white rhino that share a fascinating friendship.

The inseparable pair lives near Lewa's swamp and have formed an intimate bond. They enjoy close contact and often sleep together side by side with their noses touching and horns crossed. They use each other as ‘scratching posts’, lick each other’s skin like dogs would, and even mirror each other’s movements.

Last year, sculptor Camilla Le May met the pair as they blocked the road one day and was so captivated by their affectionate relationship that she decided to sculpt them. She spent hours observing them as they moved slowly through the bush grazing, watering and sleeping.

Camilla says:
"As I spent more time with this pair I noticed some individual traits too. It seemed to me that MC was rather more excitable, playful and mischievous than Rosie who by comparison seems more placid. I noticed MC would love rolling in a mud wallow, or if she could not be bothered to roll she would just plunge her face right into the mud up and over her eyes and stir it up, emerging with clods of rotten black vegetation and mud hanging over her horn. While she was doing this Rosie would just continue grazing. Often by late afternoon MC seemed to get a bit excited and want a game after her mud antics and would playfully mock charge whatever happened to be nearby, be it Rosie, my car or an impala!"

The bronze sculpture is of the best friends in their most intimate pose, lying sleeping side by side, eyes closed, noses touching, with the ever present oxpeckers perched chatting on their backs. If you would like to read more about the pair and Camilla's observations please link to:

Intrigued by Rosie and MC's story?

Share in the lives of these two rhinos by purchasing Camilla's bronze with 30% of the proceeds to be donated back to Lewa's rhino conservation and security programmes. Camilla will also donate up to 30% should you wish to buy any of her other works through this story. To contact Camilla, email her at or visit

While Rosie has a lovely name, MC  (Murembo's calf) is still waiting on an official moniker. Through our Rhino Naming and Adoption Programme, you have the opportunity to 'name' her! To find out more, click here or email