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Two-Year-Old Seya Chandaria, a Conservationist in the Making

November 08, 2013

The greatest responsibility as a parent is to raise outstanding children with great values and ethics, and two-year-old Seya Chandaria's parents are working hard at doing exactly that. The young, affable couple isteaching their daughter the importance of wildlife and environmental conservation by giving her very unusual and memorable birthday gifts. Last year, for her first birthday, they got together their extended family, Seya's godparents and friends and planted 100 trees. 

This year, for her second birthday, the entire group of family and friends travelled to Lewa to donate over 200 kilos of powdered milk formula to Nicky, Hope and Kilifi, Lewa's three baby rhinos that are currently being hand-reared. The rhinos consume six litres of milk a day and this donation will ensure that they have a constant supply for the next three months.  

Seya's mum Farzana describes her daughter as a 'miracle' child, hence their desire to raise her with great appreciation for nature and wildlife. 

"She already loves animals. We have two dogs at home; she adores them and refers to them as her brother and sister! But as a parent you have to guide this love and steer it in the right direction. We want to teach her that every year is a gift and in return she has to give back on her birthday. We want her to learn that loving and respecting nature is everyone's responsibility, one that we must not forget. We must always thank the universe and God for what we have been given, and this includes caring for our endangered species here in Kenya. Living by this philosophy can only make the world a better place."

Young Seya, along with the rest of the family, was delighted to meet the rhinos and even got to feed them with their favourite bottles of milk! She also had fun playing with Tipper, one of Lewa's tracker dogs.

"Feeding the baby rhinos Nicky, Hope and Kilifi was a wonderful opportunity. As a group we had an amazing experience. Every person, including the children, walked away with love and respect for the rhinos and a great appreciation for the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Thank you so much for caring for them and giving these animals a chance for survival," Seya's dad Sachen added. 

Lewa is extremely grateful to Sachen, Farzana and little Seya Chandaria for their wonderful gift and most importantly for the lesson that one can never start too young to learn about the importance of conservation.