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Education Helps Two Brothers Change their Fate

November 07, 2013

Samson and Richard Kuraru are two young Maasai men who hail from Ngare Ndare community, one of Lewa's neighbouring areas. Having grown up poor, the possibilities of advancing their education beyond primary school was a distant dream for the siblings who had a passionate desire to excel in engineering. Luckily, they were enrolled in the Lewa Education Programme, receiving financial support that enabled them to attend secondary school. 

Today, the hard-working brothers are part of the Lewa Education Programme's success story and an inspiration to many children back at their village. Thanks to the generous support of their sponsor, Geoff Ball, they are now attending university, with Samson studying Geomatics Engineering at Kimathi University in Nairobi. Richard is at Jomo Kenyatta University taking a course in Biomechanics and Processing Engineering. The siblings' greatest supporter, despite being illiterate, is their dedicate  father Nyamalo Kuraru. Unlike many older Maasai men, he has taken a great interest in his children's education, encouraging them along their journey, engaging their teachers and attending school functions without fail. 

"Education opens up many doors. The world is changing and I want my sons to also access opportunities like many other young people. I constantly tell them that they have a chance to break this cycle of poverty by excelling in school," Nyamalo says. 

During their holiday breaks, Samson and Richard teach at the nearby Ngare Ndare Secondary School. And the teachers there say the impact is definitely tremendous. The children see fellow young Maasai, from the same background and lifestyle, achieve academic success and as a result get inspired. 

Lewa is extremely proud of Samson and Richard and all our other sponsored students!

About the LEP
The Lewa Education Programme offers educational opportunities to local children. Over 700 students in primary, secondary and tertiary education have received LEP’s annual bursaries. At least 75% of these students graduate from university and college with outstanding academic results. To learn more on this programme and how you can support a child, click here or email: