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MiSavannah Update: Mufasa Gets a New Collar and Meet Mshale the Grevy's Zebra!

July 24, 2013

Lewa's Mufasa, the only lion featured on the MiSavannah animal tracking application, was recently fitted with a new collar. 

The formidable lion and other wildlife featured on the App have GSM enabled collars that send out signals which are then used to overlay the animals' activities on a Google Earth Interface. This helps in establishing the movement patterns of the wildlife, areas frequently visited including the preferred habitats and migration routes.  

Mufasa is not the only animal on the Conservancy that got a new collar last month. Mshale, a Grevy's zebra who is regularly seen commuting to the north of Lewa into the adjacent Leparua Community Conservancy, also got fitted on the 5th of June. Mshale has been observed by Lewa's research department and Marwell Wildlife for almost three years now and is easily identified by a faint scar he carries on his right flank. They explain further:

"We’d seldom seen the male in the flesh as his movement were always well concealed in dense acacia thorn scrub, so we relied on photographs taken by remote cameras at night, as he passed through the fence gap. However, on the 5th we were to get to know him more intimately.

On this day we were determined to get closer to him, close enough to immobilise him with a dart and fit a radio collar. We were keyed up on this occasion, as this male had long intrigued us as he disappeared to the north under cover of night and returned each day just before the dawn. Where did he spend his evenings and what was the attraction, which drew him out of Lewa’s safe haven and into the dark north?" 

Thanks to this new collar, the research team can now find out more about this intriguing zebra's activities. And so can you! Mshale is now the second Grevy's zebra to be featured on the MiSavannah application, alongside Kalama from Kalama Wildlife Conservancy. For only $5, you can acquire a window into the life of these exciting animals and support conservation by downloading this innovative application from Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store.