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Introducing an Application that Lets You Track a Lion!

April 04, 2013

Ever wanted to follow individual wild animals as they move across the vast African savannah in their daily quest for survival and safety? Are you fascinated by lions, elephants, zebras and even vultures? MiSavannah, a unique application (App) designed for smart phone users, will ensure that your animal experience extends far beyond a game drive!

This newly developed App covers multiple conservation projects in East Africa, all using advanced GPS tracking to enable the user to trace and replay the individual animal movements on Google maps. It also has biographies and updates on the daily lives of each animal featured. 

Savannah Tracking Ltd, the company that has developed the App in conjunction with Apple and Google, explains more on their new exciting feature: 

“Once you download the App, you get access to a lion from Lewa known as Mufasa, an elephant from Amboseli and other featured wildlife. Inside the App you can gain access to more animals from these projects. As you slowly populate your App with different species and individuals you create your own savannah ecosystem and can start to see the differences and similarities between individuals of the same species or compare the behaviour of multiple species. How does the zebra move in relation to the lion? What time of day is the elephant most active? And how many kilometres do vultures fly on average per day? Let the animals tell you themselves with their feet and wings.”

Meet Lewa’s Mufasa

Lewa is proud to have one of its own featured on the App. Mufasa is an eight-year-old male lion often spotted in a large pride popularly known as the Borana family. Along with his brother, Mufasa entered Lewa in 2010 from the neighbouring Borana Conservancy. While the cause of their departure is not known, it is presumed that they were driven out by other dominant males. On arriving here at Lewa, they immediately found mates, two females that live around the central swamp. Both Mufasa and his brother have sired cubs with the lionesses, but it is impossible to say which of the two has fathered the various cubs because neither male consistently occupies a dominant role in the pride. In total, seven cubs have been sired by the pair.

Mufasa and his brother have never returned permanently to Borana. The two collared lions are still at their prime, and there are no other dominant male lions on Lewa to challenge their alpha roles. 

Intrigued by Mufasa’s story? Download the MiSavannah App from Apple Store and Google’s Play Store for only $4.99! 

By purchasing this App, you will not only get a window into the life of this fascinating lion, but you will also be directly supporting Lewa’s conservation projects. Exciting facts on the activities and behaviour of Mufasa will also be uploaded constantly.