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Nicky's Success on CrowdRise, Thanks to You!

December 13, 2012

Last week, we sent out news about Nicky the blind baby rhino’s competition to raise and win $50,000 on CrowdRise, and we are happy to say that the response has been overwhelming! Overnight, the donations increased by $3,000 and currently Nicky’s campaign is eighth out of the 100 competing for the CrowdRise challenge. 

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is extremely grateful to all who have donated to this important cause that will not only help ensure Nicky’s survival, but of all the other rhinos on Lewa as well. Lewa’s work would be impossible without the generous and on-going support of our donors. During this sad time, having lost four rhinos to poachers earlier in the month, Lewa is more grateful than ever for the amazing outpouring of donations and kind words that have been received from friends around the world. Your encouragement and compassion has been both an inspiration and a comfort. Thank you!

Why not number 1? 
Nicky’s campaign is currently eighth on CrowdRise, but who says that Lewa’s favourite baby rhino cannot be first? If he wins the challenge, Nicky brings home $50,000; a very significant sum, bearing in mind that is costs approximately $10,000 to protect each individual rhino on Lewa every year. With your invaluable support and generous contribution, we can make this happen, and like we say in Swahili, haba na haba hujaza kibaba, meaning that every small donation can add up to a lot!

Watch Nicky playing in sawdust
Click here and watch a heart-warming video of little Nicky playing in sawdust! It is a delight to watch him thrive, despite his blindness that would have greatly minimized his chances of surviving in the wild. This festive season, extend a hand of kindness and be part of Lewa’s success story in ensuring the survival of rhinos such as Nicky by donating to his campaign. Thank you all again!