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A Wildlife Artist’s Generous Gift to Lewa

September 25, 2012

Francesca Sanders is a British wildlife artist whose delightful paintings are inspired by the African wildlife and landscape. Trained in the UK and Italy, each piece she creates is a testament of her talent, patience and hard work. Before embarking on any project, she ventures out into the African bush, studies the animals in their natural habitat, observing their behaviour, movement and relationship with the environment, and later on expresses this through fluid strokes on canvas. Francesca is not only interested in creating great art pieces; through her work she also actively promotes the alliance of art and conservation, blending the two into visual harmony. 

This talented lady visited the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy earlier this year, and her next exhibition, to be held in partnership with Lewa UK, will showcase artwork inspired by the Conservancy’s wildlife and landscape. It will take place from the 10th -12th December 2012, at Gallery 8, Duke St. James in London and 10% of sales from all the Lewa paintings will be donated back to us! 

If you will be in London at this time, please show your support and register to attend this show by emailing or by visiting her website at