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For Rangers: Sarah Watson and Pete Newland Take on the Fire and Ice Ultra

September 05, 2016

Sarah Watson, Tusk Trust's Director of Programmes, our CEO's wife, a passionate nature lover and an ardent marathoner, recently run one of the world's toughest races to raise funds in support of wildlife rangers. Sarah was joined by Pete Newland, Lewa's Security Consultant, in this wild adventure that saw them run 250 km in the Fire and Ice Ultra, a gruelling 250 km across Iceland, often dubbed the toughest multi-terrain footrace on earth. The pair run on glacial and volcanic plains, lava fields, deserts of ash and lush meadows in honour of rangers. What a challenge to take on!

Both recorded impressive results - they were amongst the first 13 to complete the race, with Sarah emerging as the first woman to cross the finish line. How fantastic!
Sarah and Pete will be home soon, but in the meantime, please support their bravery and spectacular effort by donating any amount to their cause: 

For USA donations - click HERE.

For UK and elsewhere - click HERE.