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Tom Lalampaa wins Bright Award from Stanford University

September 08, 2016

The Northern Rangelands Trust's Chief Programmes Officer Tom Lalampaa has got another accolade to add to his list. Tom has just been awarded the Bright Award for Environmental Sustainability from Stanford University, USA. 

The Bright Award was created by a gift from Raymond E. Bright in 2007 on behalf of his late wife, Marcelle, and himself. Mr. Bright died in 2011. Under the terms of his gift, the Bright Award is given annually to an “individual who has made significant contributions in the environmental preservation and sustainability area” and is awarded to an individual from one of ten rotating regions. 2016 was Africa.

The nomination committee is comprised of Stanford Law School faculty members, law students and others on campus. The Dean of Stanford Law School selects the final award recipient. The award winner receives $100,000, to support their work on behalf of environmental preservation and sustainability.  

"Our hope is that the Award will highlight the important work that you have done, allow you to pursue new and valuable initiatives in the future, and emphasise the importance of promoting environmental sustainability throughout the world." Said Elizabeth Magill of Stanford Law School.

Tom will go to the USA to collect his award, and make a speech at the Law School.