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Take a Listen - A Song for Lewa

January 27, 2012

Around the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, there are many lives that have been positively affected by its community programme. It might be a child that has been able to go to school, thanks to Lewa’s bursary programme. It might be a woman that has started her own business, thanks to the Lewa Micro-Credit Programme. It might also be a village that now has water or livestock that is able to graze during time of drought. The stories are numerous and we are proud of each and every single one of them.

So recently, when Isaac Munene, a 23-year old member of the Matunda community – one of Lewa’s close neighbours – composed a song about Lewa, we thought it was a story worth telling. The song is in Kimeru – Isaac’s local language – and is titled Maendeleo Lewa (Development on Lewa). It is the fifth track in his album, Mitugu ya Ameru (The culture of the Ameru), and it talks about the great work that Lewa is doing in promoting social change in its surrounding communities.

Click here to listen to Isaac’s song

In his song, Isaac talks about how changes in the communities have taken place thanks to the Lewa Marathon, the clinics, water projects, agriculture projects, micro-credit loans, new roads, new classrooms for the children and all the books, desks and chairs that have been donated throughout the years. For this, he congratulates the Lewa team. In his chorus, he says that Lewa is leading the way for conservation. He thanks the dedicated staff of Lewa and reiterates that the world needs the Lewa model to follow. His message to the Lewa visitors is “Do not forget Lewa. Do not forget Kenya.”

Isaac’s story is one of determination. In 2007, Isaac completed his secondary education but lacked the funds to pursue a University degree. With hard work and perseverance, he managed to put his first music album together and is hoping to sell enough copies to allow him to pursue a career in clinical medicine. In the meantime, he is doing all he can to educate his community and to tell them about the good work that Lewa is doing. Thanks Isaac!

Click here to listen to Isaac’s song.