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A Generous Gift From Wildlife Artist Robert Bateman

May 30, 2011

Robert Bateman, a regular and generous contributor to Lewa each year, is considered to be the leading wildlife artist in America and has donated a marvellous painting titled “Cheetah at Lewa Downs” which will be auctioned to raise funds in support of Lewa.
The beautiful 36 x 48 inches oil painting is estimated at $50,000-70,000 and will be auctioned by Copley Fine Arts Auctions on the 21st of July, 2011 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Please click here for cataloguing and auction details.

Robert Bateman’s description of this masterpiece is: "As an artist-naturalist my favourite place in the world to visit is Africa.  And my favourite place in Africa is Lewa Downs.  It is like dropping in on the Garden of Eden - the way the world used to be before modern man brought about wholesale destruction.  Although many animals have been introduced, there is enough space for them to live their lives as they have always done in nature.

This painting epitomizes this aspect of Lewa.  The cheetah is an orphan cub that was raised to live wild and free and safe from human enemies.  The landscape in the background is indicative of the great sense of endless, wide open space."

We do hope that you will take this opportunity to bid for the painting and support Lewa.