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FROM OX CART TO E-MAIL- The Kenya Story of Delia Craig by Natasha Breed

May 24, 2011

Today a thriving wildlife sanctuary and safari destination, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, in the heart of Kenya, began life almost 100 years ago as a plot of black cotton soil and tangled savannah parcelled out to a British immigrant from South Africa. This is the compelling true story of life at Lewa from its early days as a family ranch to its current success as a globally recognised wildlife conservancy.

Two remarkable women are at the heart of this book: Elizabeth Cross and her daughter Delia Craig. Their story spans the past century, from early pioneering days, through two World Wars, the Mau Mau rebellion during the last days of colonial administration and through to Kenya’s independence. Beautifully evocative of a unique piece of land on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya, and of the indomitable women who made Africa their home, From Oxcart to Email is the true saga of a family, a nation and a wonderful tract of wilderness.


Publication date 30 June 2011
Published by the Book Guild

Copies can be ordered online from:
The Book Guild

And will be available on Lewa to buy at:
Wilderness Trails

Sirikoi Game Lodge

Lewa Safari Camp