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Lewa Gets a Much Improved Matunda Gate Thanks to Denver Zoo

May 20, 2011

On the 25th of March the Lewa Kenya Board Chairman, Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo, officially opened the newly constructed entrance to Lewa. Jennifer Bahmeier from Denver Zoo was present and Hon.Francis Ole Kaparo gave his vote of thanks on behalf of Lewa.

The new Matunda Gate was constructed in order to create some more room for the Conservation Education Centre that is located where the old Matunda Gate was. The old gate has since been demolished.

Matunda is the Swahili word for ‘fruits’ and it is said that the gate got its name from a fruit shop that was based there several years ago.

The new main entrance is wider and a few meters inside there are two more gates that serve as different entry and exit points. One gate is to be used by heavy commercial vehicles that deliver supplies and the other is to be used by smaller vehicles.

Previously at the old gate, the guards would have a hard time identifying vehicles and seeing their occupants in the dark as there was no electricity. Instead of relying on flashlights at night the guards can now rely on the lights powered by electricity installed at the main gate and at the guard house.

A waiting bay has been built so that people who are waiting for transport into the Conservancy are comfortable. In addition, a charming, thatched roof bus shelter has been built by the main tarmac road for those who will be waiting for public transport on the main highway.

Many thanks to Denver Zoo for our new Matunda Gate!