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November 23, 2010 Richard Moller

They say that as one gets older and “longer in the tooth” time goes faster – well it is true as over the last three months since making that very difficult decision to leave Lewa, the time has flown by just way too fast, let alone the last ten and a half years at Lewa!

Having started to pack a few bags and boxes for the move to Tsavo at the end of this month, it has now hit me “between the eyes” that I am actually leaving, something I never thought would happen.

For the last decade, Lewa and its wildlife has meant everything to me, and I have been honored to have worked with many extremely dedicated staff, its Board of Directors, and for a highly respected organization that is regarded by many as a leader in wildlife conservation. I have been very proud and fortunate to have been a part of Lewa over this time frame and I leave with a huge lump in my throat. Lewa has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding in so many ways and the decision to leave was not an easy one. I have learnt much during my time here and I hope that I too have given back to Lewa what it has given me. It encourages me that I leave behind an extremely able and dedicated team and Lewa will remain with this strength, as it is they who will take Lewa to the next level and stage of its growth. I hope that, that next level places the betterment of wildlife at the forefront of all future decisions.

During my spell at Lewa I have also been lucky enough to have made some very good friends, met many different people both locally and from abroad and for this I am very grateful. Lewa would not be viewed as a leader in conservation and would not have achieved so much had it not been for the fact that it has so many friends and supporters from all walks of life from across the globe. It is actually they that have made Lewa to a large extent and so before moving on I just wanted to say a big thank you for this support during my time at Lewa. I know that if the wildlife on Lewa could speak out, it would be echoing those same words.

In case you wish to contact me in my position at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust my new email address is and my telephone number remains the same on (+254) 0722 203554.

Many thanks again and look forward to staying in touch “down the bouncy road”