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Happy New Year - A Message from our CEO, Dr. Jonathan Moss

January 05, 2011

Please accept my very best wishes for a happy New Year and prosperous 2011.

2010 was a particularly challenging year for the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and will be remembered, above all, for the immense pressure placed on our rhino population, in light of rising demand for rhino horn. Whilst we can be proud of the fact that, of the four individuals poached in the last 12 months, only one set of horns were successfully removed by the poachers concerned, we are acutely aware of the reality of the rapidly escalating threat we face – a threat that is being felt across the continent.

Throughout 2011 we will be determined to do all we can to counter that threat, and minimise the risk to our rhino population, something that will require the complete dedication of all Lewa staff, and the support of all those who uphold Lewa’s core conservation agenda.

Yet success in meeting our core conservation objectives depends not only on effective wildlife management and security, but also on the efficacy of all other aspects of Lewa’s operations. We are immensely proud of the way that Lewa continues to serve as the vehicle for an incredible flow of value to communities through education, healthcare, enterprise, and water development; that we are sustaining best practise in conservation management , optimising habitat maintenance, and continually enhancing research and monitoring; and that we are meeting the highest standards of financial administration, logistics, and human resources management. This capacity to serve a genuine conservation agenda, to support the real needs of neighbouring communities, and to apply donor funds responsibly, owes everything to the incredible commitment of Lewa’s staff and supporters over this past year, for which I am immensely grateful.

2010 will also be remembered for eight rhino births; for an outstandingly successful, record breaking, 11th Safaricom Marathon (with particular thanks to Tusk Trust and Safaricom ); for three major new community water projects, serving the needs of over 5,000 people (with particular thanks to Lewa Canada and Tusk Trust); for the completion of new Education Programme offices and the Conservation Education Centre at Matunda (with particular thanks to KAP California), and for remarkable progress in securing Lewa’s future through Project Milele (with particular thanks to The Nature Conservancy).

In closing, I would again like to express my personal thanks to all staff at Lewa, who continue to work tirelessly to ensure our mission is fulfilled; to old and new friends across the world who continue to support Lewa financially; and to Lewa’s many conservation partners, with whom we work to transform the landscapes and communities of northern Kenya through conservation.

With very best wishes,

Dr. Jonathan Moss Chief Executive Officer