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A Note of Thanks

November 10, 2010

From all of us on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, we wanted to send a sincere note of thanks for all the encouraging emails we received after our announcement last week that we had lost another rhino to poaching. Your messages were overwhelmingly supportive and we appreciate every single one of them.

Here are a few of the messages we received. While we cannot thank each and every one of you individually, please know that we truly appreciate everyone’s support:

This is so sad and disturbing. I’m so sorry for Lewa’s loss. How can I help? What can I do from here in Colorado? Kate S.

We want you to know that our thoughts are with you during this time. I imagine you are discouraged and frustrated by this event but please know that there are many many people in this world that appreciate your efforts immensely and value the hard work you put in to protect this planet’s biodiversity. Keep up the good work and let us know how we can help. Very Best Regards, Bryan A.

Such a tragic turn of events. I hope the Ngare Ndare community can find it within themselves to help identify these people soon. It goes without saying, the more conservation you assist, the stronger the population and eventually be a majority and not a minority. With support and best wishes. Tara & Paul M.

I am so sorry to hear that the poaching can still be done in spite of the deterrents in place at Lewa. We can lament the situation in the world that allows this to happen but it does little good to do so. I am proud of Lewa and the NRT that they just keep up the battle and are resilient. Terry B.

We are devastated to hear of this tragedy. So sorry for you all at Lewa. Best, Jill & John W.

This is very sad news and we share your loss, even if in some small measure from Melbourne, Australia. With best wishes. Chris B.

So sorry this happened. We support your efforts. Rick R.

Absolutely devastating. I hope her calf gets over the trauma of such an awful incident. I am completely sickened by this. When will the demand for Rhino horn ever end??? Keep up the good conservation work you are doing. Without places. people and organisations like you, many rare animals would be doomed to extinction. My heart goes out to you all! Amanda C.

It's clearly, the ugly face of poaching is slowly creeping on us. From the look of things, the price of the trophies must be at its best and therefore we just have to do our best. We wish you all the best in your investigation and hope these criminals would soon be brought into light. David D.

I am very sorry for the loss of Stumpy it is such a big loss, however Lewa should not get discouraged but continue leading others and excelling in wildlife protection and conservation, your sterling performance have encouraged many neighbors locally and internationally. I am delighted for the birth of a new rhino which is a sign that the struggle has to continue no matter what. Thanks Lewa for your diligence. Regards, Joan G.

Extreme anger, and sorrow, are felt by us when reading your shocking report. We realize how hard it must be, even for a security system as extensive as yours, to prevent every attempt of the poachers to slaughter these precious rhino so you must not feel you have failed. All at Lewa will have grieved, but we know you will not be diverted from continuing with the crucially important work which you are undertaking. And for that, you know you have our continuing support. Stuart and Sheila B.