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Rhino Baby Boom

May 13, 2009

Lewa is pleased to announce two rhino births in the span of two weeks one black rhino and one white rhino!

Rangers in the field sighted the black rhino - Stumpy - and her calf on the 17th of April. Stumpy is one of Lewa's founder black rhinos. She came to us in 1984, from Solio Ranch and helped form the first group of rhinos within the Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary.

These rhinos were an ambitious dream by the Craig Family and Anna Merz to save the black rhino from the brink of extinction. By the early 1980s it was uncertain whether any black rhinos would survive in Kenya. Poaching for rhino horn had reduced Kenya's rhinos from some 20,000 in the mid-1970s to a few hundred by the early 80s. It was clear that the only way to prevent their complete extinction was to create secured sanctuaries. The Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary was established at the Western end of the Conservancy and welcomed 10 black rhinos and 2 white rhinos. Stumpy was amongst this group and 15 years old at the time. She is now 40 years old; this is her 8th calf to be born on Lewa.

On the other hand Matterhorn the female white rhino, who was sighted with a calf on the 30th of April, is only 4.8 years old! She holds the record of the youngest rhino ever to give birth on Lewa!
Matterhorn's history is also very significant to Lewa. Her mother Natal was brought to Lewa in the early 1990s from Natal National Park in South Africa to supplement the white rhino population in the Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary.

These baby rhinos and their mothers are doing extremely well and we are proud to see that both young and old rhinos are safe and healthy within our boundaries and continue to successfully breed.

Our rhino population now stands at 65 black rhinos and 46 white rhinos.