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Students Helping Students

May 10, 2009

The Lewa Education Programme recently received an immense boost from the students of Upper Canada College (UCC) in fulfilling its mandate to provide the best possible education for the children on our boundaries. Having raised the funds to support their project, two teams of students from UCC visited Lewa in late March and assisted in the initial construction of a library at Subuiga Primary School and setting up of computers and internet access at Ntugi Secondary School.

OLPC Laptops The team of students that participated in the construction of the library at Subuiga School did their fair share of manual work. They dug trenches, carried stones and dirt, laid the foundation and ensured that the library construction was well on track. They also spent a lot of time interacting with the children at the school, playing soccer games and assisting them with their school work.

The second team of students visited Ntugi Secondary School and, much to the enthusiasm of the students and teachers, embarked on setting up seven computers with internet connection. In an area with no electricity their first challenge was to set up a solar power system that would provide sufficient power to charge the OLPC laptops (One Laptop Per Child: they had brought with them. Within a matter of days the team had achieved their goal and the students at Ntugi were able to access the internet. Students were seen huddled around the laptops, excitedly browsing online libraries. UCC has committed to meeting the monthly charges on internet connection so that the students and staff are able to remain online.

We say a big thank you to the students at UCC for this generous support and to their teachers, Adam Ross and Mark Bartley, for accompanying them on this visit.