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Lewa Re-Opens the Ngare Ndare Clinic

February 24, 2009

On March 2, 2009 the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy celebrated the re-opening of the Ngare Ndare Clinic. The clinic was officially re-opened by the Honorable Silas Muriuki, the Member of Parliament for the area. This clinic will serve over 3,500 people, most of who are local farmers living within the area and with almost no access to health care.

The Ngare Ndare Clinic was forced to close in February 2008, due to a lack of funds. It had been built in 2002, after the local community, assisted by an American Peace Corp volunteer raised funds for construction of the main dispensary building and a semi-detached staff house. It was operated for 3 years with the support of the Catholic Diocese of Meru, then for another two years with support from the Nanyuki Cottage Hospital and and Collier Trust, UK.

When the Clinic closed in February, it deprived the community of an absolutely essential facility. There is no other clinic or health facility in the area. The nearest government dispensary is 23 kilometers away on a rough road which becomes impassable during the rains.

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, through its Community Development Programme, identified the urgency of re-opening the Clinic. Through the generous help of loyal donors, Lewa managed to raise the necessary funds. The Clinic now has a full-time nurse, who will work closely with the Lewa Clinic staff to ensure that it is runs smoothly and efficiently.

This project is one perfect example of how the Lewa’s surrounding communities are benefiting from conservation