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Our Successes and our Thanks

December 21, 2008

As we near the end of another calendar year, on behalf of everyone at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, I want to thank you for your support and the important work you have allowed us to do.

In this challenging year for Kenya and for the rest of the world, we continued to focus on our mission to be a Catalyst for Conservation. We continue to envision a new Lewa Wildlife Conservancy that will accelerate our impact and achievements. 

Let's look back at some of our key successes this year:

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy celebrated the birth of its 100th rhino. As of December 2008, our populations boast 105 rhinos: 61 black rhinos and 44 white rhinos. This year alone, we had 15 rhinos born on Lewa, which is two more than the original number of rhinos we had when the Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary was created in 1983.

Our Education and Community Programmes continue to grow. We support 11 primary schools with infrastructure and curriculum development, as well as a feeding programme. We are sponsoring 217 children with bursaries. The Women Micro-Credit Progamme helps 400 women with small loans.

Acting as a catalyst for conservation, Lewa continues to enhance our direct linkages to enable wildlife movements in the region. We opened up the first elephant gap between the Borana Conservancy and the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. We also are making tremendous progress in re-opening the historical elephant access route between the Mount Kenya National Reserve in Kenya and the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve. This route may be the last viable option to link Mount Kenya with the North.

Despite these major successes, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy continues to be affected by a significant drop in tourism, which in turn is affecting our ability to operate. Here are three ways in which you can support us:

  1. Visit the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Visiting Lewa and staying at one of our lodges is still the best way to support us. When you visit Lewa Safari Camp, Lewa House or Kifaru, the money goes directly to our conservation programmes
  2. Name a Rhino Are you looking for the perfect gift for this holiday season: one that helps wildlife while honoring your loved ones? Our Name a Rhino Programme allows you to give a gift that really makes a difference. There are 6 rhinos on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy that still need to be named. Choose a black or white rhino, male or female.
  3. Make a Donation to Lewa As 2008 comes to a close, you can help Lewa begin 2009 with adequate resources. Please give generously - by including the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in your year-end charitable giving. Please visit for more information on how to donate.
  • $150 pays for a ranger salary for a month
  • $650 supports an orphan in school for a year
  • $5,000 equips a school library
  • $10,000 is the cost of conserving one rhino for a year
  • $20,000 builds one kilometer of predator-proof fencing on Lewa's eastern boundary


In this time of reflection, we want to say "thank you" once again. All of us on Lewa are more dedicated than ever to make our story a success, but this would not be possible without your support. We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and the very best in the New Year. We look forward partnering with you in 2009! 
Dr. Jonathan Moss
Chief Executive Officer