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A stunning boys debut at this year's conservation football tournament

March 02, 2016

The boys brought new zeal and excitement into this year's tournament.

The most exciting event in the sports calendar for Lewa-sponsored schools took place on the 12th of February, here on the Conservancy. 169 pupils from 13 schools in the neighbouring communities turned the Lewa football pitch into a flurry of competitive fun as they battled it out during this year's conservation football tournament. For the past four years, the event has been solely focused on girls, but on this occasion, the boys were no longer just spectators, but joined the tournament with zeal, displaying great skill and enthusiasm. 

The Kanyunga and Subuiga girls played the first match of the day that got crowds cheering and energised for the rest of the games. In total, 11 matches were played, with the finals taking place in the afternoon. The blazing sun did not stop the teams from displaying determined performances, especially the boys from Kilimani School, who beat Rugusu at the boys' finals by a spectacular 4-0!

Karimba girls equally proved themselves worthy of another win, beating newcomers Elsa to win the tournament for a second time.

Kilimani boys celebrate their win.

More than just sport: 

While the main goal of the event is to promote teamwork, sport, and friendly competition among children from the Lewa sponsored schools, conservation is a message that is equally reinforced at the event. This year, all the children were taken on game drives to view wildlife and understand the importance of endangered species protection. Afterwards, they visited the clinic, where a male nurse met the boys and a female nurse the girls, to discuss hygiene, early and unwanted pregnancies, healthcare, adolescence and social interactions. The nurses also offered brief counselling to the students on any pertinent issues affecting them.

Health talk to the students by a Lewa nurse. 

The students also enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by our team during the lunch break!

We wish to greatly thank Eco-Sys Action for their kindness and generosity that has enabled us to hold another successful football tournament. Boopy the Ecosys mascot also graced the event, and we were proud to fly the flag very high!  

It was an amazing and successful day enjoyed by all. We hope the tournament continues to demonstrate the power of sports to promote personal growth and development of students, as well as their understanding of conservation and their role in it.