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Three Dogs to Join Tipper and Tony in the Anti-Poaching Team

March 02, 2016

Maxo, Zack and Jack will be ready for their journey from Wales to Lewa to join our anti-poaching team that helps protect endangered wildlife and our neighbouring communities.

The two Belgian Malinois and single Dutch Herder are finishing up months of intensive training in Bridgend. They have been trained by Simon Mallin who's the Head Trainer of Malpeet K9, an academy used for training sniffer, patrol and security dogs.

From Wales to Lewa - three new dogs will join our Anti-Poaching Team to help protect wildlife and our neighbouring communities.

Last year, our resident tracker dogs Tipper and Tony were deployed 14 times to follow up on cases of wildlife and other crimes within and beyond our borders, often with successful results. 

Jack, Zack and Maxo have been selected for their high energy level, a 'driven' personality and a pronounced prey/chase drive. They are being trained to detect human scent and track for miles in bush terrain.

We welcome Maxo, Zack and Jack to our team! Click here for more.