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A Significant step forward for Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Future

October 20, 2007

The board of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is pleased to announce the news today that Mr Ian Craig, present Executive Director LWC has been promoted to a new position as Strategy Director LWC with specific responsibility to guide and coordinate the conservation activities of LWC, Northern Rangelands Trust and Ol Pejeta Conservancy. This will take effect on April 1st 2008.

Ian Craig has been Executive Director of LWC since its foundation in 1995 and this step reflects the expansion of the original vision that now encompasses significant and pioneering growth in conservation in Northern Kenya. The concept based on empowering communities to conserve wildlife and enhance their livelihoods in marginal rangelands is providing a radically new approach to land use. The landscape level of activity with reestablishment of migratory routes is key to the success of this initiative. Ian will continue to contribute to the development of Lewa and the conservation of the endangered species that it protects but will now be free to expand his vision.