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Predators and Prey!

May 02, 2007

 Recently one of the major wildlife sights on Lewa has been a pride of nine lions – two lioness’ and seven cubs (about a year old). They have be prowling the Conservancy as if they owned the place (they probably do!) and regularly sighted. Their confidence has been improving and so has their proximity to other users of the Conservancy. However we have just had two incidents which highlight the risks and dangers associated with this magnificent animal.

On Wednesday afternoon John Kamama was out on his usual daily walks with Tula and Elvis. Whilst between David and Richard’s house he came eyeball to eyeball with the pride that had just killed a waterbuck. Tula and Elvis were very reluctant to back off and so John had to call a security vehicle to intervene to prevent what could have been quite a messy encounter! Thankfully the lion were more interested in the waterbuck and the rhino persuaded to back off.

Then last night another lion encounter happened with a new cattle herd was being moved into their boma near the airstrip for the night when another small group of lion saw this as too good an opportunity to miss and helped themselves to one of the animals. Thankfully no other cow or herder was in danger but we worry now that the lion may be developing a taste for fillet steak!

Both these incidents reinforce the risks and excitement (even if not needed!) of living on Lewa.”