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Toki on TV

March 28, 2007

The orphaned cheetah Toki that spent most of his childhood on Lewa is still thriving at Ol Pejeta. Stephen, his friend, is still with him. Watch the programme 'Toki's tale" to find out more about this remarkable cheetah. The new film Toki's tale is out on Wednesday the 4th of April at 9 pm on BBC 2 and repeated on Easter Sunday, April the 8th at 18.20 on BBC 2.

The Lewa Blog is on our website and it is a diary that is created and updated by Stephen Kasoo on a weekly basis. The Blog will over what is happening on Lewa on a weekly so if you want to keep a close eye on Lewa please visit regularly on

The biggest black rhino translocation even taken place in Kenya was completed at the beginning of March. It was a great partnership between Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Lewa and Ol Pejeta.

Lewa has now got its own veterinary. His name is Stephen Chege and he comes form KWS and he is still a member of KWS staff. He is working hard already having assisted with the translocation and he has also been assisting at other conservancies around in the area. The wildlife health in the Lewa area has vastly improves since his arrival. He lives on Lewa and he is supported in large part by WSPA.