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Christmas greeting from Ian Craig

December 20, 2006

13 rhino born within Lewa in 2006; no rhino lost to poaching; 640 elephant counted last week in the previously conflict torn but now protected Sera Community Conservation area; all the birds are nesting, wonderful rain across all of Kenya especially on Lewa and the all the Conservancy areas in North Kenya.

What better note could we end 2006 on?

You will see from the photos that Lewa is an Eden, the grass is waste high, all the wildlife has come together into vast herds on the open planes. Most of the elephant have moved into the north with the abundant water and vegetation. The Rhino are looking wonderful, enjoying their waterholes, mud-baths and feed that they can never have imagined. The Marathon this year was the most successful ever, providing a level of enthusiasm and financial support to the school’s, hospitals and affiliated communities that six years ago could never have been dreamt of. The standard of schools around the Conservancy is now improving every year which will undoubtedly result in improved levels of education amongst the children.

The impact of all of our joint efforts in conservation and the improvement in the welfare of Lewa’s neighbors is not going unnoticed. We recently received an extremely appreciative letter from the Kenya Government expressing these views.

From all the Lewa staff, we wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year and pray that 2007 can be peaceful and productive.

Thank you for being part of this success.

Best regards

Ian Craig