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Largest Ever Black Rhino Translocation in Kenya

February 20, 2007

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service and Ol Pejeta Conservancy has started the largest ever black rhino translocation in Kenya. The intention is to move 34 black rhino in total. A total of four animals will be moved from Ol Jogi reserve and 26 from Solio Ranch into the new conservation area at Ol Pejeta prior to the fence between it and Sweetwaters being taken down later in the year. To compensate Ol Jogi four more will be moved from Solio to this ranch. This three way move keeps the gene pool fresh at Ol Pejeta. A team of over 16 people have been deployed from Lewa and will be working on the west side of Laikipia for over a month.

As at Monday 12th February 20 animals has been moved, all successfully. If all goes well the team may stay to move some Giraffe as well. All quite an achievement.

Lewa is also pleased to announce the birth of another black rhino on the Conservancy. The mother, Waiwai, last gave birth two and a half years ago and this calf has been pushed away by Mum for a couple of months while she looks after her new child (sex unknown at the moment). If you would like to name this new calf please look at the home page for more info on how to proceed.