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Lewa Education Trust Success and A New White Rhino!

January 23, 2007

The rains, we hope, have finally come to a halt! An average of 522mm was received between October- December 2006 compared to 352mm and 64mm received within the same period in 2004 and 2005 respectively. The big task ahead is in repairing the damage to the roads and water projects.

We are happy to report that most of the Lewa Supported Schools have attained a positive index in the 2006 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. The Schools mean score has risen from 211 in 2005 to 227.4 in 2006 which is a small but remarkable improvement. In 2005, we had only 14 children with 300 marks and over in comparison to 28 children in 2006. More children will be called to good performing secondary schools due to their good grades. This has been due to the commitment of the Lewa Education Trust well-wishers in supporting through funding the different initiatives that we deployed in improving the performance like feeding programme in the schools, employing and paying teachers and teacher assistant salaries in understaffed schools, paying for extra and holiday tuition over the school holidays and weekends, providing school supplies, and professionals volunteering their valuable time to come out and work with our teachers on curriculum implementation. We hope to see the same trend in curriculum development in the Lewa Supported schools as this translates to the community realizing and appreciating the benefits of wildlife conservation.

On another happy note, we have a new baby white rhino born! The birth was reported on 12th January 2007, bringing the total to 37 white rhinos and 52 black rhinos. The calf’s mother is Rinta, and this is her third calf. Both mother and calf are doing well.

We have seven unnamed white rhino’s and nine unnamed black rhino’s to date, if you wish to name any of these calves or find out more on our Name a Rhino programme please email Joanne Machira on

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